früher begann der tag mit einer schußwunde
wolf wondratscheck

  no glory

   andré & ich

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was ein tag.


und noch tiefer in der song-kiste gegraben.

ein glanz stück: jay brannan - lower my gun


well, you're just across the table, but we're worlds apart
looking back now, it's clear that we weren't so smart
but you found the lover inside this fighter
and we found god inside a kick ass one nighter

but that was long ago, and I owe you money
but business is slow, sounds kinda funny
hey there you go calling me honey
though I think you know you'll never see me again

in the same old house, two different people
same drops of blood still light the path
to what used to be us hanging in the hallway
now just shreds of paper and shards of glass

well, I'm not in the business of bursting bubbles
but blowing you now takes more gum than I can chew
well, don't press your luck unless you want a pity fuck
but I think that'd be the wrong way to hold on to yesterday

when you burst through the gate, I stood up straight
you poured some wine, I drank yours and mine
then you took my breath and tied up my tongue
yeah, you were the one to lower my gun
you were the one to lower my gun
you were the one to lower my gun

3.2.10 23:02

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